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Belfast Mar Thoma Congregation   Northern Ireland, U. K                                    


 (A congregation of the diocese of North America & Europe of  the MarThoma Syrian Church of Malabar, under the See of  MarThoma Metropolitan of the Apostolic Throne of St.Thomas in Malabar, India)



Worshiping at:

Belfast Bible College, Glenburn Ford,Dunmurry,Belfast BT17 9JP

Worship & Holy Communion in Malayalam : Every 1st & 3rd Saturday

Time : 10.30 am to 2 pm


Emeritus Metropolitan

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostum MarThoma XX



Primate & Metropolitan:

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Joseph MarThoma XXI  Metropolitan of Malabar Throne

 Diocesan Bishop:

Rt.Rev.Dr.Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa


Vicar & President : Rev.K.P.Johnson,BD,MTh - Bristol MarThoma Church

Phone : + 44 1173732373

Mob :  + 44 7533483043

Email :  johnsonkp65@hotmail.com

Ministering Clergy: Rev.K.Jameson,BD,MTh- PhD student,Meynooth Seminary, Dublin

Phone : +353892045203

Email : jamesonachen@gmail.com

Office bearers


Vice President: Mr.Rajeem Thomas

Trustee: Mr.Mathew Abraham

Secretary : Dr.Binu Mathew K.Thomas

Contact address :                                                                                                   Number 62, FinaghyRoad South, Belfast BT10 0DE,                                                       Phone : +44 2890625452,

E mail : belfastmarthoma@yahoo.co.uk



Belfast MarThoma Congregation, Northern Ireland  ,is an approved congregation (Circular  number DC/164/06 dated 04/04/2006- Diocesan Bishop, MarThoma Church ,NA&E ) of the MarThoma Syrian Church of Malabar which is an autocephalus  church of India  established by Apostle Saint Thomas in the Malabar coast of South India in AD 52. The term ‘MarThoma’,means Saint Thomas, and the term ‘Syrian Church’ denotes the liturgical language used  from first century being Syriac / 'Suriyani' which is a dialect of Aramaic ,the language which our Lord spoke.The term ‘Syrian ’ does not mean that this church or her members have any connection or submission to the present country Syria directly or indirectly.

MarThoma Church has full membership in WCC and is in communion with the Anglican church. The church accepts the doctrines formed at the first 3 ecumenical councils of Nicaea (AD 325),Constantinople (AD 381) and Ephesus (AD 431).

MarThoma church is Oriental in origin,  Eastern in traditions, Episcopal in nature, Democratic in administration, Catholic in mission, Reformed in faith , and Evangelical in outreach work and Ecumenical in vision and each and every adult member of the Church is considered to be an Evangelist.